RFID New Retail Label is playing an important role in improving the competitiveness of modern retail enterprises. It is a kind of label that is fully satisfied with a series of applications, such as inventory, traceability, payment and settlement of products in unmanned supermarkets and vending machines. It is mostly used in the new retail industry of FMCG, and due to its advantages of low cost and simple production, it is widely accepted and used by all sectors of different industries. With RFID technology, enterprises can predict the categories that may be out of stock in advance, and remind stores to replenish inventory in time and appropriate manner to reduce the rate of goods out of stock and improve inventory management. In the subsequent payment process, the settlement is carried out after identifying the goods. When the customer leaves the store, the RFID label(s) will be scanned by the sensor to reconfirm the automatic settlement amount of the goods purchased by the consumer.

Product RFID New Retail Label
Material coated paper/ PET / PVC /paper/ PP / Bopp /vinyl-adhesive paper/Synthetic Paper/Aluminum foil paper/glassine paper
Color black, white, yellow, red, etc.
Protocol ISO18000-6C, ISO1443A, ISO15693
Operation frequency 860-960MHz, 13.56MHz
Max reading distance 0.1-10m
IC chip U7,R6,M4QT,F08 , I-CODE2, NTAG213
Ink environment-friendly UV ink, or Water-based ink
craft used printing+RFID chip attaching+RFID data writing+QC+packaging
size customizable
surface process Hot-Press/surface glazing/ UV coating/bronzing/embossing
Working temperature -30℃ – 100 ℃
Life cycle 10 years
Pckaging customizable
More features waterproof, heat-resisting, cold-resistant, environment-friendly, permanent or removable adhesive
Application self-service supermarket,objects identification,cargo tracking, etc.