ZSF-R9116 16 channel RFID reader is a long-distance, fixed RFID reader designed based on RFID high-power module. It has the characteristics of long recognition distance, high reliability, strong expansibility, high industrial level, etc. it can send instructions through various interfaces such as network to control or independently carry out the reader work.

It can be used for the application of time-sharing work of multiple antennas; when it is working with 8dbi antenna, the distance of reading labels is more than 8m; it has an excellent multi label anti-collision algorithm, the label inventory speed is more than 400 per second; large area aluminum alloy heat-conducting panel is used, with good heat dissipation.

It can be used in many application fields, such as unmanned retail, warehouse access control, automatic passageway, etc.

Label / transport protocol Label protocol : EPC Class 1 Gen 2(ISO 18000-6C)
RF module Antenna connection: 16 SMA interfaces

RF output: 5dBM – 30dBm configurable

Frequency specifications FCC(NA,SA)902-928MHz



Transmission control interface Connector: 15 pin SFW12R-1STE1LF connector (including power, communication module and GPIO)

Communication interface: UART serial port, baud rate 9600 ~ 115200bps, GPIO photoelectric isolation 2-way input and 2-way output

Battery DC voltage: 3.6~5.0 VDC+/-5%

Maximum power consumption: 5.5W (peak value)

standby power consumption: 0.35W

hardware structure Special chip: Infininj R2000

Label cache : 299 labels

Performance label reading success rate:≥700 labels/s

max reading distance : ≥8 m, using 8dbi antenna

Environmental specifications Operating temperature: -30℃ – +60℃

Storing Temperature: -40℃ – +80℃

Specifications overall dimension:120.7mm ×112mm ×12.6mm