RFIF Jewelry label is widely used in inventory, storage and sales management of jewelry, as well as other industries such as clocks, glasses, etc. Each jewelry label has a unique ID number, and useful information can be written in it, such as weight, purity, grade, warehouse, position, shelf , etc. It can realize the anti-counterfeiting, real-time tracking and sales management functions, so as to track and record warehouse and sales process of jewelry products in an all-round way, and replace the tedious and inefficient manual work and bar code scanning mode with automatic and accurate and efficient new methods. Multiple labels reading at the same time can increase the accuracy of jewelry clearing and inventory, reduce jewelry loss and related events, and decrease your time spend on checking. In addition, with the help of RFID Jewelry labels, the quantity of jewelry in the shelf can be automatically identified, latest sales situation can be calculated in real time, then a replenishment plan, as well as the digital analysis of market acceptance on various products can be made efficiently. That’ how these labels help our clients to achieve the goal of data mining and decision support, and intelligent sales management.

Product RFID Jewelry Label
Material Paper,PVC,PET
Size 30*15, 35*35, 37*19mm, 38*25, 40*25, 50*50, 56*18, 73*23, 80*50, 86*54, 100*15…,costomizable
Working frequency 860-960 mHz
Operation mode passive
Protocol ISO18000-6C,ISO18000-6B
RFID chip Alien H3, Alien H4, Monza 4QT, Monza 4E, Monza 4D, Monza 5 etc
Wrting/reading distance 1-15m,based on working environment
Operation temperature -30℃ – 100 ℃
Life cycle 10years
manufacture craft packageing→printing→RFID chip attaching→RFID data writing→QC→final packageing
customizable data serial number,bar code,QRcode,etc.
sphere of application management, tracking, stock management of Jewelry and other valuable items