RFID Medical Wristband is a kind of wristband used by hospitals to record and identify patients and various medical information. It is made of light and soft environment-friendly materials, comfortable to wear, beautiful in appearance and decorative. It is widely used in the matching management of newborn mother and infant to ensure the safety of the wearer. For patients, RFID wristband records the patient’s detailed information, through the use of RFID wristband connected to the hospital staff’s handhold readers and the reading equipment applied in specific doorway corridor. In the process of diagnosis, sampling, treatment, etc., the patients will be identified and tracked. Patients’ information can be read quickly and accurately by scanning from infusion, injection, chemical examination, operation and other hospital routine activities, so as to improve the work efficiency of hospital staff and the overall service level of the hospital.

Product RFID Medical Wristband
Material silica gel/cloth/PVC/paper/Tyvek/EVA,etc
Color customizable
textile printing single-color, or multi-color
size 260*35mm,212*30mm,282*25mm, custom-made size
Working Temperature -25℃~+80℃
Working mode passive
Operating frequency 13.56MHz,860-960MHz
Protocol ISO 14443A/B, ISO 15693, ISO18000-6C
chip Mifare, Ntag, ICODE series, H3, H4, R6 etc
Max reading distance 2cm-8m(depended on working environment)
Life cycle 10 years
Way of hooking Fliplock,glue,or disposable type
packaging specification 100 pcs/roll, 8 roll/box, 8 box/trunk
More features waterproof,thermostable,environment-friendly,durable,soft and comfortable,antibacterial
Appllication hospital: mother&baby care, mobile payment with NFC, patients recognizing
others: tickets for concert , match , film, etc.